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Woodvale Park Vet Hospital is a purpose built facility which allows us to provide the best care possible. We have modern diagnostic analyzers and provide many treatment procedures on site. The hospital is a family run, independent practice owned by Drs Todd Dalton and Flaminia Coiacetto.

We are happy to accept referrals and second opinions.


Pet health checks

Consultations are arranged by appointment for your convenience. This will help to minimize wait times, allows us to allocate enough time to thoroughly examine your pet, discuss the problem and answer any queries you may have. We are also able to arrange a home visit if you are unable to bring your pet in. 


Many diseases are preventable with regular vaccinations (eg, Parvo virus, Feline Leukemia) - if your pet is not vaccinated annually you’re taking an unnecessary risk with their health and well-being.


Unfortunately, sometimes problems can only be corrected through surgery - that’s why we have a dedicated surgical theater with the latest anesthetic maintenance and monitoring equipment.

We do almost all surgeries in house and even have a visiting specialist surgeon for more challenging procedures such as cruciate disease (aka, torn ACLs).

Diagnostic Imaging

The hospital has in house digital x-ray equipment. This means high quality X-rays with much lower radiation exposure to your pets and our staff.

We additionally provide an ultrasonography service. Dr Todd Dalton has trained with specialists in medicine and radiology in order to hone his ultrasonography skills.

We are always happy to accept referrals from other veterinary clinics.


Modern dental drills, ultrasonic descaling and surgical dental equipment are used to reduce anaesthetic time in cleaning and treating teeth problems and keeping teeth and gums healthy.

We also use a dental X-ray unit to take high quality dental radiographs.


We have an in-hospital diagnostic laboratory including biochemistry, refractometers, microscopes, glucometers and a multitude of other laboratory analyzers for quick assessment of your pet’s health status.

We also employ the largest and most experienced veterinary pathology lab in Western Australia to do our specialist diagnostic work. They perform haematology,  immunological testing, and more on blood samples as well as microscopy, bacterial culture and sensitivity and histopathology on tissue samples.

The combination of in-house and externally sourced analysis give us powerful and fast tools for determining the cause and thus, treatment of your pet’s ailment.


Emergencies will be seen as quickly as possible during opening hours.   If you have an emergency during opening hours please call us and come down straight away! If you have an emergency after hours, please contact the after hours veterinary clinics below.

The closest after hours emergency hospitals are:

Balcatta Vet 24

59 Erindale Rd, Balcatta WA 6021

T 08 9345 4644


EVH Emergency Vet Hospital  

1 Chokolich St, Wangara WA 6065

T 08 9200 4460