Q. Where are you located?

A. Our address is Shop 10 / 923 Whitfords avenue - The shopping centre is called Woodvale Park Shopping centre. We are in the corner between the bike and pool shops.


Q. Is the veterinarian friendly?

A. YES! We have the most compassionate, loving and friendly vets in PERTH!


Q. do you see exotic pets such as birds and snakes?

A. Dr Todd has worked at clinics where 30-50% of the cases were related to exotic pets and as a result is competent and excited to see all manner of pet

Q. Is that cat real?

A. YES! Lilly is our in-clinic cat/receptionist. She was brought in, very emaciated, by a concerned citizen whom found her in the bush. When we were unable to re-home her (her owner was found but not interested in having her back!) she became ours.

Q. Do you perform Surgeries in house

A. YES! We have a dedicated surgery theatre and many years surgical experience. Additionally we have a visiting surgeon to perform advanced procedures such as knee surgeries and fracture repair. Most elective procedures such as desexing go home the same day - they only need to be fasted that day and dropped off between 8 and 9AM.

Q. Do you have care plans or puppy packages?

A. No, but we are currently working to create something like this - WATCH THIS SPACE!