Your Hospital

Your Vet Hospital is purpose designed and fitted out, registered as a ‘VETERINARY HOSPITAL’. This means all the modern diagnostics and treatment procedures are provided here on the premises. The Hospital is totally independent. We are not part of a large company or group so we can provide you with consistency and the piece of mind in seeing the same Vet each visit.

We are happy to accept referrals and second opinions and we are Australian Veterinary Association Members for your peace of mind.

Woodvale park Vet Front
Woodvale Veterinary Hospital plaque


Consultations are arranged by appointment for your convenience. This works well to keep your waiting to an absolute minimum and allows us to allocate enough time to thoroughly examine your pet, discuss the problem and answer any queries you may have. We are also able to arrange a home visit if you are unable to bring your pet in.

Woodvale Veterinary Hospital consulation
Consult Woodvale Park Vet Hospital reception


We have a fully Sterile Surgical Theatre and the experience and equipment to deal with surgery from the most routine de-sexing to extensive orthopaedic work.

At this Hospital we use the latest anaesthetic drugs and gaseous anaesthetic machines and we have invested in the latest monitoring equipment which results in the safest possible anaesthesia for your pets. Modern advances in anaesthetic agents give us much more control and greatly reduced anaesthetic risks.

Our Hospital environment is kept to the highest hygiene standards.

Your pets are provided with blankets and towels for bedding. We even have little electric blankets!

Woodvale Park Veterinary Hospital surgery
Woodvale Vet Hospital surgeon


The hospital has access to Full DIGITAL X-ray equipment. This means high quality X-rays with much lower radiation exposures to your pets and our staff.

Easy image manipulation and transfer and you get a take-home copy.

Woodvale Veterinary Hospital radiology
Woodvale Veterinary Hospital radiology xray


We have access to Digital ultrasound to greatly increase our diagnostic capabilities. We happily accept referrals from surrounding practices for these services.

Woodvale Veterinary Hospital ultrasound doctor
Woodvale Park Veterinary Hospital ultrasound


Modern Dental Drills, Ultrasonic de-scaling and Surgical Dental equipment are used to reduce anaesthetic time in cleaning and treating teeth problems and keeping teeth and gums healthy.

We also have access to a Dental Xray Unit available to take high quality teeth radiographs.

Woodvale Veterinary Hospital dentistry
Woodvale Veterinary Hospital dentalstation

Stem Cells

Click here to read more about the Revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis available at our Sister Practice in Joondalup.


We have an In Hospital Complete Blood Analyser, Tonometers, Refractometers, Microscopes and a multitude of other Laboratory equipment for immediate diagnostics.

We employ the largest and most experienced Veterinary Pathology Lab in W.A. to do our specialist diagnostic work. Haematology, Biochemistry and Immunological tests on blood. Microscopy, Bacterial culture/sensitivity and Histopathology on tissue samples. These tests help us to accurately diagnose problems that are not easily detected on just a physical examination.

Woodvale Veterinary Hospital pathology lab
Woodvale park Veterinary Hospital pathology

General Info

General advice is free.

Check out our Pet Care section of this site for a multitude of Healthcare information. If you don’t find what you need please call us.

We give generous Pensioner and Health care cardholder discounts. Please bring your Pension card etc with you each time. Please note accounts must be settled at the time of consultation or before your pet can be discharged from Hospital.

Emergencies, of course will be seen any time. If you have an emergency after hours, ring our normal daytime number and you will hear a recorded message of how to contact the after hours Vet.

The Closest Emergency Hospital is:

EVH Emergency Vet Hospital   Chokolich St, Wangara, WA 6065

T 08 9200 4460


Woodvale Park Veterinary Hospital treatment
Joondalup Veterinary Hospital girl and puppy