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FREE Puppy Training Classes.

Puppy Classes Preschool training at Joondalup VetCongratulations on your commitment to raising a happy, healthy, well behaved dog. We hope you share a lot of joy with the latest member to your family. What ever you call it, Puppy Preschool, Puppy training, Puppy classes, Woodvale Park Vet is the place to get the right information from the start.

Puppy Classes are currently held at our sister practice – Joondalup Central Vet Hospital

For booking please call 9300 2322


What to Expect in Puppy School:

*The main purpose of puppy classes at Woodvale Vet is to allow your pup to socialize with other pups. Your pup will spend a large part of class off lead, playing with other pups. Normal puppy play can be quite boisterous and noisy and often involves harmless play fighting.

*Some pups will show early signs of behavioral problems such as excessive dominance, aggression or tearfulness. Your instructor will be able to help you identify these problems and show you how to deal with them before they become more serious. How you react to your puppy’s behavior is important. It is very important that you avoid reinforcing undesirable behavior, and reward good behavior. For example, if your puppy is timid, your instructor may advise you NOT to pick it up and hold it when it is being nervous.

*Each week the class will include a discussion of topics such as health care, canine behaviour, common puppy problems and responsible dog ownership.

* Each week the class will include a puppy training session. Your instructor will demonstrate techniques and you may be given a set of Puppy Training notes. The notes are a step by step guide to self paced training. The amount of progress you make with your training will be up to you. You will need to practice your training at home to gain the most benefit from the classes.

  • You may receive handouts to read and keep for future reference.
  • You will meet some of the staff from the veterinary clinic.
  • And finally, we hope you and your puppy will have fun!

What to bring to Woodvale Vet Puppy classes:

  • Your puppy on a fixed buckled collar with a lead
  • Yourself! – due to space restrictions we ask that only 1-2 people with each puppy
  • Proof of 1st vaccination (if had one) if not done at our Hospital

What is the Cost of Puppy Preschool?:

FREE for our Clients or Future Clients ( A Vaccination or Desexing Booking required),  $90.00 if you are out of our surrounding suburbs.

For booking please call 9300 2322

Please Remember:

  • Not to feed your pup 1-2 hours before class, it is not advisable to allow your pup to be too active on a full stomach.
  • Do not bring your pup to class if it is unwell.
  • Suitable for Pups up to 12 Weeks of age.
  • Price is subject to change.
  • If your Pup is Over 14 weeks old we recommend Joondalup Dog Training.

Kids are welcome at Woodvale Puppy School!

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